Reputable ISRI Brass Shells Recycler

Since manufacturers are producing a large amount of scrap brass shells, scrap piles are increasing for companies. This means companies should make a decision on the most ideal way to handle it. Many manufacturers and companies are unaware of the potential value of recycling brass shells. Therefore, working with a reputable ISRI brass shells recycler, like, can earn your business some extra cash.

Each cartridge casing begins its life as a brass coil formed when copper and zinc combine to form brass. The recycling process extracts these metals to reuse and re-enter them back into the manufacturing process. Therefore, recycling is the most profitable way to discard brass shells.

Where to find a Reputable ISRI Brass Shells Recycler

The ISRI stands for the Institute of Scrap Recycling Industries, Inc. The ISRI is the voice of the recycling industry promoting safe, economically sustainable, and environmentally responsible recycling. They do this through networking, advocacy, and education.

ISRI represents more than 1,100 private and public profit companies that process, broker, and industrially consume all scrap commodities. They offer a searchable membership directory to facilitate member interaction and to give the public recycler contact information. The directory is searchable by individual, company, or product handled, with links to emails and company websites.

In fact, has been a member of the ISRI since 1996.

The Recycling Process

Scrap brass shells are the most popular type of recycled ammo. They are popular because of the shell casings’ durability, corrosion resistance, and ease of reloading. Along these lines, when scrap brass shells start to pile up, it is important to collect and recycle with a reputable ISRI brass shells recycler.

To begin with, you have to know the parts of the material:

  • The projectile
  • Packaging
  • Black powder
  • The groundwork

Shell alloys are usually made from brass, aluminum, or steel. From time to time, brass shells are plated with chrome, nickel, silver, or even gold. When recycling ammo, it must be inert. You cannot recycle any live cartridges for safety reasons. After sorting the brass shells, the recycling process continues:

  1. Removing the shell.
  2. They pop the shells in a high-temperature kiln.
  3. A quality control supervisor verifies the shells are ready to process.
  4. They clean the shells to remove as much dirt and lead as possible.
  5. Inspectors then run clean-and-popped shells through a shaker table.
  6. Next, a hammer mill or shredder takes the shells and deforms them into smaller pieces. Aggregator machines take these pieces and load them for transportation.
  7. Finally, they take the shells to a brass mill. They melt, combine, and mix the brass shells with metallic elements to achieve a specific blend.

To finish the recycling process, they form the brass shells into rod or ingot.

Working with a reputable ISRI brass shells recycler, guarantees proper recycling practices are in place. It also makes recycling brass shells easy. gives firing ranges, weapon store, ammo manufacturers, or government entities reliable and genuine pricing.

About is a global recycling company providing metals, PCs and gadgets recycling services to industrial, dealer, and government organizations throughout the western hemisphere. The facility has a 145,000 sqft. processing plant focused in on the processing of PCs, gadgets, and batteries with the remainder of the indoor facility used for the processing of nonferrous industrial metals.

The facility has five buildings on more than 35 acres. The company has more than 20 inbound and outbound docks for receiving and shipping nonferrous scrap material as well as a railroad rail spur to load rail cars.

The company is close to four major interstates (I-44, I-55, I-64, and I-70) while located right across the Mississippi River from St. Louis, Missouri in Madison, Illinois. The company offers an accommodating conveyance location as the facility is near four major interstates (I-44, I-55, I-64, and I-70) that intersect all of the Midwest and Central USA.


Overall, scrap piles of brass shells are piling up for companies. In fact, companies should make a decision on the most ideal way to handle it. Working with a reputable ISRI brass shells recycler, like, makes it easy. Companies that decide to recycle their brass shells are doing their part to reduce landfills, waste, overall pollution, and the use of raw materials. will work with you to satisfy any of your ammunition recycling needs. In fact, continues to lead the way in innovative industrial recycling solutions. To learn more about the services offered, click here.

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